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Look below for the best deals and historically low prices that Amazon has to offer today. Every deal below is a certified low price.

How It Works compiles and references a database of all price history for all products sold on Amazon. Most of the products in this database aren't great deals, but every so often, a few of these products dip to their lowest price ever -- and when we perform our hourly update of, we grab a list of those products that are at a great price, and post them to the website. In the process, we filter out a few "categories" of products that most people will have no interest in, leaving behind the most popular products at some of their historically best prices.

Why Amazon?

Personally, we use Amazon ourselves, everyday, to make all kinds of purchases -- from the monthly consumables (paper towels, hand soap, etc) to the most cutting edge of electronics (such as infrared cameras and sports wristbands). In fact, we built DangerDeals Amazon Deals for ourselves, so that we could find all the great deals on Amazon.

What's Next?

As you can tell, DangerDeals is a pretty simple website right now. You can see a list of all the Amazon products on sale, and you can sort them a bit. But we have a vision! We plan on adding all kinds of functionality, such as deal alerts (by individual products, category, search term, etc.), a search bar, and maybe even some sub-pages dedicated to specific niches, depending on what you guys seem to like most. We may even go the iPhone and Android app route, who knows? There are no limits! Well, except those imposed by our sheer laziness, which can be copious, and seems to be, thankfully (?), inversely proportional to our coffee intake.

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