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Welcome to the Amazon Deal Blog, where I’ll be highlighting all of the best deals that come through the website — as often as I can.  As well, I’ll be discussing and providing tips and tricks to help stretch your dollar as far as possible at

First though, let me explain why this blog is Amazon-centric.  Years ago, I was a good, old-fashioned deal-junkie.  I used to check deal-a-day sites like and religiously; I used to frequent many generic “deal sites.”  Honestly, I spent too much money on stuff I didn’t need, but that’s beside the point — I was a deal hunter, and I was good at catching my prey.

Then, Amazon started getting pretty serious.  They started selling all kinds of stuff — and I don’t mean through 3rd parties, like they’ve been doing forward.  I mean, they started selling everything directly.  Want some soda pop?  Boom, Amazon.  A rifle scope?  Bammo, Amazon.  Make-up?  Amazon.  Etc, etc.  But it wasn’t simply the fact that Amazon was selling it that made it cool.. it was that I got a free college-student Prime membership for a year.  And everything that Amazon sold could now be mine in only a matter of 2 days.  Of course, I’m referring to their free 2-day shipping w/ Prime deal.

Of course, as with everything, there’s a downside of sorts.  The fact that everything is on Amazon means that some of it isn’t a great deal.  I mean, after all, they’ve got to make their money back from all that free shipping somehow, right?  That often translates to deodorant that’s twice the price of what I could drive down to CVS and get it for.  And mouthwash, and toilet paper, and pretty much any other consumable item — unless it’s specifically “on sale” at Amazon.

Even though some of the items are a bit more expensive than they ought to be, I still order them from Amazon.  And why?  Because I’m lazy.  But, really, it’s even more than that.  I often buy things off Amazon because I know I’ll forget otherwise.  Sure, I can keep grocery lists, but then I forget those when I go to the store, which doesn’t really help the issue.  Instead, I can just go on Amazon and buy whatever I want, whenever I want, and bingo-bango: it’s there at my door, despite the fact I forgot about it entirely a mere 10 minutes after my order.

Here’s what it comes down to: for small items, Amazon is often not the cheapest place to shop.  However — and this is a big one — Amazon is SUPER competitive on pretty much all big ticket items.  There are people employed by Amazon who simple look at the deals on other websites, and adjust prices accordingly.  What’s that?  An LCD LED TV on sale at Target?  Guess what: now it’s on sale at Amazon, too.

That’s what this website’s about — the fact that Amazon changes their prices so regularly on so many different products.  One day, it’s a mediocre deal; the next, it’s the cheapest price ever.  We’re simply keeping our eyes on Amazon prices, and letting you know when they’re the lowest they’ve ever been.  Could they have been cheaper somewhere else in the past?  Sure.  BUT, there’s a really good chance that, if a product is at its lowest Amazon price, then it’s really close to its lowest price anywhere.

Anyway, go back to the website’s main page and take a look around.  There’s cheap stuff and there’s expensive stuff.  You can even check out the “fillers” section if you’re looking to get free (non-Prime) shipping.

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